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Ninja Cat

This collection of wallpapers features several Ninja Cat adventures

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Over the past few years I have made a number of wallpapers, mostly inspired by Microsoft and Windows

Feel free to download them and make use of them on your devices

Let me know your thoughts on the wallpapers and if you have any ideas for new ones

These are provided for use as wallpapers, contact me if you want to use them for other things

Surface Laptop

As I don't own a Surface Laptop I created several wallpapers to ease my lack of not owning one

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There are wallpapers inspired by some of the early Project NEON concepts that has now become the Fluent Design System

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There's a light and dark version of the Microsoft logo created by emoji

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Betta fish

The famous Betta fish from the Windows 7 Betas returns

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I'm a PC

Because we are all PCs really

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The wallpapers include Xbox related ones too, including some for Project Scorpio

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Speed dial

From Windows 1 to 10 (skipping 9, obviously)

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For anyone who creates on Windows

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Anniversary Update

To celebrate the 1st year of Windows 10 and the Anniversary Update

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The layout of the page is inspired by Microsoft's Fluent Design System and I am working on bringing a version of the UI style to the web

Fluent Design System for the web